Live in the moment & leave the photography to me


I am 26 years old & married to my best friend, and the best pack mule, Zachary Walton! We are pretty much attached at the hip, so you'll likely see him sporting my second camera at shoots. We welcomed our daughter Stevie to the world in April 2021, and she's honestly my favorite subject (but you could be a close second).

Together we like going on "walk and talks", watching movies (preferably at Harkins because their popcorn IS the best popcorn), and trying to get Stevie to laugh.

I studied journalism at the University of Arizona, where I spent years at the Daily Wildcat covering everything from the 2016 Bernie Sanders Rally in Tucson, to our basketball team schooling other Pac-12 teams. Since graduating in 2016 I started my own photography business specializing in couples, seniors and families. I have been lucky to work with over 300 clients over the years who have trusted me to capture moments in their lives.

My life goal is to visit every national park (not in a year because my schedule is not as flexible as it was in college... and neither is my budget) in the United States. I've already crossed off: Saguaro, Grand Canyon, Smoky Mountains, Pinnacles, Channel Islands, Shenandoah, Arches, Canyonlands, Petrified Forest, Joshua Tree, Glacier, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon & Zion. Please take me to more!

I am a dual citizen of the US & Canada! I was born in New Mexico, but moved to Calgary, Alberta when I was 2, and have lived in Arizona since I was 9. I am happy to say Mesa is now my home!